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  • Shaha Shahhs

    Posting under pseudonym – visited a few months ago, and again 2 weeks ago. Same verdict – pricey compared to other outfits which are literally around the corner and miles easier to find. Paying a premium just for the same thing you can get on main street. One thing I dislike is the clickbait style of attracting customers. I’m not personally into choosing a therapist – but feels like their entire marketing strategy is over posting a few pictures of pretty Chinese girls to lure you in. This low key means they’re compromising on quality and see that as a justification for charging a premium. If you’re into that sort of things go ahead. But the other stalls nearby are just as clean / friendly. And for that price you can even check out the Japo place (which too, is overpriced but at least seems legit).

    One star mainly because they have a lot of availability compared to other locations.

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