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4 Reviews on “Jia Kang TCM”

4 reviews
  • Lolla Palooza

    Booked Ivy for a massage. One of rare ones who can massage really well. Super relax from top to bottom after an hour session. Highly recommend her. Gentle and Friendly. Plus I find her very attractive.

  • Oliver Meow

    Candy is the best therapist. I had aching shoulders for a long time. When massage the shoulders muscles produced cracking sounds which help me relief a huge amount of tension and stress. I always come back for more..

  • C Wk

    Siti provide extra depending how much you tip. She got huge rack.

  • Martin Hoe

    Went to jia kang 2 days ago to try out the moxibustion therapy, took the $98 package which is about 60mins and the therapy is mainly focused on my back,neck and shoulder area, I’ll attach a photo of mine. And there is $158 package and from what I know from the therapist it is 90mins and covers the neck,shoulder, back, and thigh. They use a newly developed machine which acted like the traditional cupping method, the cupping session and the kua sa session is less painful than the traditional method in my opinion. I had a very bruised back since I last done this treatment around 10 years ago, you can see it in the picture, then the therapist suggested that I also try out their TCM herbal mask which cost another $68, which I did. At around 30mins mark after cupping and scrubbing (kua sa) session, the therapist then will apply the herbal mask which they cook/heated up on the back,neck,shoulder area depending on the package you take. For those who want to try the heated herbal mask, please make sure you are comfortable with warm temperatures which means it can be intimidating for some people. After the cupping,scrubbing and the heated herbal mask session, my back feels really relaxed,it’s like all the veins are being unblocked. During my journey home,I keep farting, to be honest and the same night I sleep like a baby. It seems it works as it described, releasing the negative air and promotes the blood circulation. Definitely wi go back for the therapy ,the therapist suggested 2 or 3 more times of the same therapy to achieve bruiseless result, which is cleared from negative air. So, if you are around this area,why not try out this and if you can’t endure the heated herbal mask session you can always tell the therapist,they will remove it immediately. Personally I’ll do it again ,and I have also attached photo of the pricing list, a photo of mine taken by the therapist ( I consent her to take because I want to see it myself and understand my condition). Cheers.

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