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8 Reviews on “L Spa”

8 reviews
  • Kevin

    Another one of those con job $88 joints. Everyone should boycott

  • Monday

    Very bad customer service. A tall lady with a thick chinese accent greeted me first. When I didnt take up the package that she offered, she walked away and started showing attitude. The other receptionist, Jennie, was much nicer and stil spoke to me and processed my request.

    When Gina came in, she immediately told me that next time don’t book her for a 2 hour massage, anyone else can do. I didnt reply. While her massage skills are really good, it was not an enjoyable experience.

    At the end of the massage, Gina said that I could not shower because I did not take the more expensive package.

    It was really a bad experience for me.

  • Ye Yin Kwang

    Had QiQi for my session at L Spa. Her massage skills were exceptional good. I found her to be refreshingly sincere and pleasant. The room was decorated nicely. Overall, it was one of the most enjoyable experience, especially when I had to reward myself for being promoted. Highly recommended !

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